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Batala was formed as the European wing of Cortejo Afro (a style of Brazilian Samba) by Giba Gonçalves in Paris in 1997. Giba is the maestro of the Batala sound, which he composed after the style of his home town Salvador, in Brazil. The music has its roots in African traditional music which found its way to Brazil and has been incorporated in to Brazilian culture since.Using this influence, Giba formed a 60-piece drumming band, called it Batala, and encouraged anyone with an interest in his music to form their own Batala group under his name. There are now eight such groups across Europe playing the same funky rhythms. Samba-reggae compositions with noted African influences beaten out on four different types of drum. The result is a raw, hypnotic combination of emotion, beats and rhythm. Batala’s success is illustrated in its impressive CV: Glastonbury; the Notting Hill Festival; World Cup 1998 Grande Stade de France, to name but a few and more recently playing with the Suga Babes at the Royal Variety Performance in 2006.

Ingleton Pump Track

pump track experience
Come along an ride this ever popular track under floodlight and possibly meet and chat with top rider and coach Jo Flanagan.
Register on the evening but be warned no brakes, no helmet and you won’t be allowed on.

The ‘Tall Paul’ Magic Show
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For all the children this year we are pleased to give a warm welcome back to children’s magician ‘Tall Paul’. Paul is fully experienced in providing magical entertainment to all age groups and the ‘Tall Paul’ Magic Show is perfect for the old and young alike.  The children will be watching spellbound as the magic unfolds in front of them, and will be delighted as they are chosen to help ‘Tall Paul’ with his next magical mystery. It will also amuse the adults to suddenly realise that they have just been fooled as well; only Paul’s smile will show them that he knew they were watching and he knew they would be fooled.

Stanley Youngman Esq.
“The Fabulous Kapow Sisters were raised in a beetroot factory on the outskirts of Minsk, they are of an indeterminate age, shoe size and IQ. It is suspected they are responsible for many a kerfuffle in city centres and at festivals.stanley sieve trick
With over 20 years performing experience Fabulous Kapow Sisters shows are a thing of rare beauty and aching laughter but that must be tempered with a word of warning… they are not female and there is only one of them…He is currently called Stanley and claims to be a handyman… Approach with caution!”

Craven Judo Academy
The Craven Judo Academy is a member club of the British Judo Association and offers judo mid_throwsessions for budding judoka of 5 years of age through to adults. We welcome judoka of any level, from complete beginners to established players. Our sessions run every Monday at Bentham Primary School, every Tuesday at Ingleton Primary School and every Friday night at Settle Primary School with plenty of opportunities to grade and compete.

The Magic & Mentalism of Paul Sunderland
Magic, Mentalism or just mad? ….you decide!
mentalism kids
Join us for an interactive experience of mentalism and mind reading where mentalist and magician Paul Sunderland will delve into your minds! Be careful what you are thinking!!!

The ‘Light Juggler’ Daryll Hackett

neon juggling balls

A light festival wouldn’t be a light festival without lights! These lights however will be getting thrown high and fast by our visiting juggler Daryll Hackett and then skillfully caught on their way back down. This is one performance not to be missed.


Dancing and other Performances

Loads of prestigious talent at this years light festival including Blue Moose Dance Company,Helen Howard School of Theatre Dance and our very own fabulous Ingleton Theatre Group and Tap Dancing Ladies!

Back from Beyond

back from beyond 2

The ever popular local cover band Back from Beyond will have everyone up on their feet on their return to our festival this year. A great band to end a great night!